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Henna Appointments

Henna is an ancient form of natural body art. This art form is made by applying a paste to the skin that stains to top layers of the skin for about 1-2 weeks, depending on skin care. The paste is made using sugar, henna powder, water, and essential oil. The paste is applied wet and left to dry on the skin for at least an hour. Then the paste is removed using a natural oil like olive oil, avocado oil or coconut oil. The area where henna has been applied should stay away from water for as long as possible in the first 24 hours. Optimum color will be seen after 48 hours. 

Henna FAQs


  1. What is henna? Henna a leaf that is dried and made into a paste that is used for body art. 

  2. How long do I leave it on for? Henna should be left on for as long as possible, but a minimum of two hours. 

  3. How long does henna last? This depends on your aftercare but can last from 1-2 weeks.  

  4. Can henna be used on children and/or pregnant women? Henna is all-natural and the ingredients in the paste are too. For this reason, henna is safe to use on children and/or pregnant women. For people who have sensitivities to essential oils, a patch test should be done for sensitivity before completing a full design. 

  5. Do certain parts of the body stain better? Yes, certain parts of the body stain better simply because the skin is thicker in certain areas like from your elbows to your fingertips and knees to your toes. ​

  6. Will henna work the same for everyone? Henna does not work the same on everyone; however, this is NOT due to skin color. There are lots of characteristics that affect the quality of your henna stains like body temperature, skin moisture, and hormonal changes. Follow the steps for your henna aftercare for the best results.